About JennKenn

Three key words to describe JennKenn Interactive:

Clean. Deliver a clean, well organized, and informative message.Let's face it, in today's busy world, less clutter and nonsense – the better! Our portfolio illustrates our – clean designs.

Concise. Keep it brief. Reality is, no one spends time reading pages and pages of web copy. State your purpose, and don't waste the user's time. Get to the point!

Committed. Be committed to the client's goals, and success. Collaborate with the client, and make them feel comfortable during the entire process. Most importantly – focus on building a long-term relationship.

Owner, Jennifer Kennedy holds a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, and a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. She has worked in the interactive/multimedia industry since 1989. She is recognized for clean, informative designs that emphasize purpose and functionality.

Design Process
JennKenn believes in a structured and transferable methodology. Each project is evaluated keeping the target audience and client's objectives in mind. A careful design approach is applied to ensure consistency and smooth transitions from the initial design to the completion of each project.

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